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We at A & T Sprinklers, Inc. offer our clients prompt, professional and friendly customer service. Our services cover residential, commercial and industrial systems.

Eye catching landscaping requires a substantial investment & careful maintenance. An underground irrigation system will protect that investment, keeping your plants and turf healthier and giving longer life.


Estimates and Installation

The design and layout of a sprinkler system is just as important as the functionality of the system. A & T Sprinklers, Inc. takes in to account every necessary component when designing your system. From pitch and grade, shade or sun, to water pressure and lawn coverage, we cover all the basis when designing your sprinkler system. Each estimate is designed to your specific needs and property layout and is FREE

A reliable and efficient sprinkler system is what you will receive from our highly trained installation crews. We pay attention to the details and keep your property in tact as much as possible during installation and afterwards. We take the time to perform the work carefully the first time and we guarantee our workmanship. We use only top grade parts which include Rainbird and Hunter products.

Give us a call at 856-697-5650 or e-mail us at to set up an appointment for a Free Estimate.


As a customer of A & T Sprinklers, Inc. you will receive an e-mail around March 1st from our automatic system reminding you that it will soon be time to start thinking about the Spring Opening of your sprinkler system. This e-mail will also include any new promotions for the upcoming season. Once you receive this Reminder E-mail you can call or e-mail us to schedule an appointment time that will be best suited for you. Customer's will need to be home to allow our technicians to access the water valve as well as access to the sprinkler system controller.

At your Activation, our trained technicians will turn on your sprinkler system, pressurize the Backflow Preventer and check for any leaks, test and run through each individual zone, inspect and adjust all sprinkler heads, and program controller for spring time watering for your individual lawn needs.

Cost of Activations is dependent on how many zones are in your system. Any repairs are an additional cost from the activation. Give us a call or e-mail us for pricing at 856-697-5650 or

Service & Repairs

If your lawn irrigation system is not working properly, it is costing you more money in wasted water and harming your lawn and plant material. A & T Sprinklers, Inc. can save you that extra expense with a service call to assess and repair your system to make sure it's running to full capacity. After the Spring months, you may need to adjust your controller times for the hotter temperatures to make sure your giving your lawn and plant material the proper amount of watering they need. Our trucks are fully stocked with parts and materials needed for repairs at the time of the service call at 856-697-5650 or


It is recommended that you have a professional winterize or close out your sprinkler system at the end of the season. A & T Sprinklers, Inc. customers will receive an automatic Fall Reminder e-mail in September to remind you to schedule your appointment with us prior to freezing temperatures. Once temperatures reach freezing (32°F), the remaining water in your sprinkler system lines will freeze and expand which can burst the PVC lines or cause major leaking in the Backflow Preventer. The blow out or "winterization" method utilizes compressed air to remove any remaining water in the lines and sprinkler heads. An air compressor is attached to your sprinkler system via the Blow Out connection and each zone will be activated so the water can be removed from the system.

Winterization costs are a based on the number of zones in your sprinkler system. To discuss pricing or to make an appointment please e-mail or give us a call at 856-697-5650 or


Whether you are expanding or changing your property, installing new landscaping or shrubs, or just upgrading an old sprinkler system, you need to have the most efficient system possible. We can assess your current system and explain the best way to expand or create better ways to get the most out of your system. Give us a call at 856-697-5650 or e-mail us at to set up an appointment for a Free Estimate.

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